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AniMSN 73 AniMSN 73

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice animation

Nice animation work with movement and stuff; I don't care too much for the pixellated :P face, but that's your artistic choice and I don't take off stars for that.

What I do think could use some improvement is the sound effects: some of them were really good (the explosions and such), but the *shawing* type sound effect got overused, and I was annoyed by it in the end. Perhaps some more variety would have been better.

Not an original idea, but it was put together fairly well.

Spider-Powers For XMas 2 Spider-Powers For XMas 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wow! Great singing!

You've got some nice voice talent on this animation! Next episode, I want to hear some absolutely ridiculous over-the-top falsetto! That's all I want for next Christmas :).

One thing detracted from my viewing experience: at some point in the first 2/3rds or so of the flash, the music got a little too repetitive for my tastes, so it was nice to have it changed up. But you've got some real talent; keep up the good work!

Tickles' Magic Pickles Tickles' Magic Pickles

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Third time's a charm

I felt like you could have introduced a third situation (possibly in between the two situations you had here), something to make Tickles seem even more innocuous, making the final death scene even more disturbingly hilarious (or hilariously disturbing, depending on whether your glass is half full or not). Perhaps you mean to disrupt our fairy tale story-telling sequence of one, two, three, and that's fine, too.

The animation was beautiful and smooth, so well done on that. The abrupt changes in mood are great ways to do humor.

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Bango! Bango!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good game

Hey, great game you've got here. I know you don't think the walkthrough pop-up is annoying, but I think it insults my intelligence. Most of the time it was simply the timing of jumps and such that got me killed, it wasn't the planning or anything. It's a >puzzle< game, it's the point of a puzzle game to be puzzled! It's nice to have a walkthrough on the internet, but you don't need to link to it midgame, when most of us will just see it as a distraction to our purpose (getting timings right, etc.).

Some of the other features took me a while to get used to, and frustrated me at first: that when you touch a block on the side it will disappear, even if you want to land on it. I realize this is an important part of one of the levels, though.

Also, I agree with Keslen that the timer shouldn't start ticking immediately: you should wait until the player starts to move, or, taking that idea further, you could only count the time that the character is actually moving.

But overall, good game.

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Meat Boy Meat Boy

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great Game!

Overall a fantastic game that's stolen quite a bit of my time, in quite a good way.

But a few things keep it from being absolutely perfect.

For one thing---at least with the PC keyboard (I don't know how well the joysticks work)---it would be nice to slow down your movements. E.g., hold shift as you move to move slower. A few levels were rendered difficult only because they required precision movements that required just the right amount of tapping of the keys.

Secondly, hit detection was sometimes off. Once or twice a projectile flew right through me. And more than once or twice I hit a bad square when it seemed like I shouldn't have. (I realize this just requires you to "learn the game" and avoid them a bit better, so that's not my biggest qualm.)

Third, I thought you could have had a sizzle sound effect for being consumed in lava :) --- rather than the standard gloopy sound effect.

Fourth, I don't think you should be able to wall jump off the side of the screen. You should either die, or start falling off screen and die if you don't recross back into the screen play area (on a non-death surface) before you reach the bottom of the screen. The first level in which I came across the requirement to wall jump off the side of the screen, I was confused.

Oh, and in the twin towers level, there's a "glitch"/cheat where you just immediately run right, and you can get to her before your invulnerability runs out.

But a fantastic game overall (I'm being picky except on the first point), loved the "retro" artwork and visuals.

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Orbitrunner Orbitrunner

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

good work!

As a physicist, I enjoy this sort of nature's laws based game. Of course, it would be incredibly impossible to move around the sun like we do in this game, but at least it's partially physics based :).

It was a great puzzle, I think I got to about level 21 and quit on that with about 189 faults. Sometimes it was frustrating, but other times I had the twisted enjoyment of seeing (and hearing) planets blow up. (Also not physics based, since there is no sound in space, but I like it anyway.)

One thing that would be nice is, before the failure level screen popped up (maybe call it "retry" rather than continue, and "continue" for moving on in levels), if we could have a second to look at the paths that were taken--maybe click through for faster replay--but nonetheless something to see the carnage that ensued, for enjoyment of the scene and possible planning.

Another type of game might arise out of two suns fighting each other by throwing planets at each other--if two planets hit, instead of exploding perhaps they form up, with appropriate momentum conservation, and the goal is to hit the opposing sun. I don't know if the game would be feasible or fun, but just another application of gravity physics.

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Koolfox - Beginning Koolfox - Beginning

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great effects!

Love the ambience. Somewhere around 1:24 I was getting bored with the theme, and wanted a bit of change of pace, but then I eventually got the 1:40 reintroduction of voices, which helped keep it interesting.

Eppic Inner conflict Eppic Inner conflict

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

pretty soothing

I really liked the piano melody, which was a sort of aural doodle. I felt that after a few repetitions of the piano melody, you could have gone minor with the piano, and then returned to the original melody, just to shake things up. But it wasn't too repetitive, what you did with it.

Overall, it seemed less like an epic inner conflict and more like a conflict between some anxiety (the synths) and some gaeity (the piano), but which didn't matter too much in the long run. Perhaps this little conflict could have risen to a greater one, with a greater dissonance, angrier tones, and that would be a neat musical story.

Then, depending on whether your inner conflict gets resolved or not, it might have been cool to have some sort of compromise at the end, where the piano takes up a more serious note, and the synth gets a little more major sounding.

All in all, good work, good ideas.

classicblue responds:

I do see where your coming from and I like your ideas. thanks for the feedback.

Burning Temptation Burning Temptation

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I like the driving bea and syncopation, the melody and later harmonies are great. i'm also a sucker for a piano, so that's a nice touch.